Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect Tortilla Review

Perfect Tortilla Review

With the Perfect Tortilla (official site), all you need is an oven and you can finally say goodbye to bland-tasting and microwave-heated mass-produced tortilla chips.

This unique taco bowl maker does in fact allow you to create your own tostadas, perfect for those who are ready to get creative in the kitchen as well as for those who are health conscious. Despite whether your cooking skills are similar to those of Martha Stewart or just your average Joe, the Perfect Tortilla will not let you down! Easy To Use – You can create the most wonderful tortilla bowls in just three simple steps.

I have spent a ton of time researching before I bought my set and found nothing but five star average reviews (see below)... You don't have to take my word, but check these out:
Reviews -
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"Drape the tortilla in the bowl, bake. Wipe clean. The tortilla bowls are crisp and excellent. I am a middle-aged guy just learning to cook. You can handle this too." -Michael (Newbury Park, CA)
What is included?
  • Four Perfect Tortilla Bowls – Enough for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Two Recipe Guides – Perfect for beginner chefs!  With two recipe guides included in your purchase, you will never find yourself wondering what tortilla dish to prepare next!
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • Each set is only $10 + $7.95 p&h. Official site - Click here to see the Double offer
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"I LOVE these tortilla bowl makers. Very easy to make, spray pan lightly with nonstick spray, lay large white tortilla into bowl pressing against curves, bake about 8 minutes in at 375 degrees. Super nonstick so easy to wash, even a swipe with a paper towel does the job." -gh1977 (Missouri, US)

Health Conscious?

"These bowl makers are so much fun! They are super easy to use and they make the perfect presentation for many things. I am a Weight Watcher person, so anything to keep the points down works for me." - Judi (Valencia, CA)

The Perfect Tortilla allows you to completely skip the frying pans and oil. 
Are you ready to start a healthy diet for the family? Use the Perfect Tortilla to create salad bowls that will help everyone keep their caloric intake to a minimum. You can also lower your cholesterol level as the Perfect Tortilla is 100% baked and never fried!  Additional healthy options include using 100% whole wheat tortillas; the opportunities for the Perfect Tortilla are endless!

This is a product that hits a home run in my book. I have owned TONS of "As seen on TV" products and very few actually work as advertised. The Perfect Tortilla delivers. All things considered, it's a basic mold with no complicated attachments or gadgets for creating tostada or tortilla bowls. I ordered 4 with the intention of giving two as gifts but the set may have found a permanent home in my kitchen.  

perfect tortilla reviews

5/5 : Easy to use
4/5 : Price (shipping a bit high)
5/5 : Easy to Clean
4/5 : Shelf Life

When Ordering, I can no longer recommend buying from the "official site" but order it from, the shipping is cheaper and it's a much cheaper deal.

Amazon Link: Perfect Tortilla Pan Set

Use the Perfect Tortilla when you and your family spend the evening watching the big game or a movie.  Do you have unexpected guests dropping by? Without shopping for groceries and in a moment’s notice, impress them by using the Perfect Tortilla.  Have warm, delicious tostada bowls ready to serve!  Looking for a different twist on your weekly Taco Tuesday night?  Try a new recipe from the Recipe Guide and create tostada bowls using your Perfect Tortilla!  Whether it’s a healthy or delicious quick meal that you are after, the Perfect Tortilla will surely be able to deliver! Click here to visit Amazon and try the Perfect Tortilla yourself! 

Take a healthier look on life and take action by not using oil and other harmful oils, be active, and be healthy everyday!